NoBleed Efficacy Study

Design: Pre-treatment and post-treatment questionnaire given to patients with a diagnosis of recurrent epistaxis. Length of treatment was two months. All patients applied NoBleed as directed in the product insert as the sole treatment of their epistaxis during this period.

24Total Participants
18Total 2nd Response
68%Total study Completion Rate
79%Percent of patients with epistaxis pre-treatment
17Average number of epistaxis events per month per patient pre-treatment
4Average number of epistaxis events per month per patient post-treatment
61%Percent of patients with complete resolution epistaxis
28%Percent of patients with partial resolution epistaxis
11%Percent of patients with no decrease in epistaxis
94%Percent of patients with decreased severity of epistaxis
82%Percent of patients with decreased duration of epistaxis episodes
94%Percent of patients tolerating treatment with NoBleed
88% Percent of patients who would recommend this product

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