NoBleed is an intranasal cream designed to prevent recurrent nosebleeds by encouraging healing of the nasal lining and by preventing a cracked, dry, irritated surface inside the nose. NoBleed stimulates the growth of your mucosal lining, allowing your body’s natural barrier to protect you from frequent nosebleeds. The proprietary formula is designed to create a cumulative effect, improving nosebleed symptoms.

“One of the most frustrating problems for patients that come into my office is recurrent nosebleeds. Not only is there the obvious problem with the bleeding, but they can really affect the patient’s quality of life. The use of estrogen creams for nosebleeds is a well-established ‘trick of the trade’ in the ENT community. These creams promote healing of the nose by actually stimulating growth of more robust and stronger blood vessels in the area. On follow-up visits, these patients are thrilled with the results. NoBleed™ is an herbal preparation that takes the place of traditional estrogen creams, which when used regularly can help control recurrent nosebleeds and give you your freedom and your life back!”

Laura Whisler, M.D.
Board Certified Otolaryngologist

“I became interested in formulating an alternative to traditional treatments for nosebleeds after listening to a number of my patients express concern about using estrogen cream or complaining about the pain associated with traditional cauterization. However, since a large number of my patients who were on nasal steroid sprays had nosebleeds but needed to stay on these sprays to control their allergy symptoms, I had to come up with something. A phytoestrogen based cream with all-natural healing properties was the obvious answer. Now my patients are able to stay on their steroid sprays and avoid nosebleeds.”

Bruce E. Hudkins, M.D
Board Certified Otolaryngologist

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